Cognex scans with 99.9% success

Cognex Corporation has launched the DataMan 470 barcode scanning system, a device that reads codes placed under packaging with 99.9% accuracy.

Based in Natick, Massachusetts in the United States, Cognex Corporation has been developing, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of image reading devices using artificial intelligence since 1981. The company has risen through the ranks to become leader of industrial vision; its systems and barcode readers are now widely used in factories and distribution centres across the world.

Cognex’s guarantee of accuracy and speed

In April, Cognex introduced its latest barcode scanning model: the DataMan 470 Bottom-Side. Positioned under a conveyor and weighing just 35 pounds, the new device can efficiently read 1D and 2D codes from downward-facing labels, thanks to its ingenious area scanning system that its says is “much faster and more accurate” than traditional linear scanning technology.

This feature makes it perfect for distribution and e-commerce centres needing to process large volumes and ship them quickly, without error or badly-timed blockages on their conveyors, whether due to a reading error or an incorrectly placed package on the chain.

Zero error target

“As online shoppers increasingly expect same-day or next-day delivery, retailers are under pressure to increase their flow rate as the orders transit through supply chains and logistics channels,” says Carl Gerst, Executive Vice President of Cognex Corporation. “By extending barcode scanning coverage below the box, the DataMan 470 bottom-scanning system ensures the right products get to the right customers just as quickly. and efficiently as possible.”

Cognex Corporation presents its DataMan 470

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