Schur attended the meeting for packaging professionals at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte from 21 to 24 November. Nicolas Chéné, sales manager at Schur, was on the stand to answer our questions.

Le stand Schur sur ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022

Founded in Denmark 176 years ago, the company now specialises in the manufacture of packaging in flat cardboard and flexible materials, as well as in the design and manufacture of packaging machines.

“Our offer is always customised according to the customer’s needs, the size of his factory, his equipment, but also the constraints of the packaged product,” insists Nicolas Chéné. Schur machines are capable of packaging just about anything, as long as it fits in a bag: shoe soles, nuts, screws, impregnated wipes, foodstuffs, etc.”

The Schur Star 2060-C, flexibility according to Schur

The Schur Star 2060-C, a new benchmark for adaptability in bagging.

The company was presenting the Schur Star 2060-C, one of the latest flexible packaging machines to be launched by the Danish company, at its stand. The machine combines flexibility and efficiency with a pin chain system, which allows the bags passing through the machine to be opened and closed without any friction that could cause the chain to break.

Where the majority of bagging machines will be limited in their ability to handle different materials, the 2060-C is fed by strings of bags mounted on the pin chains. A system that avoids any friction coefficient, and allows the machine to handle all ranges of flexible materials: from the simplest packaging (45 microns thick) to the most complex packaging, such as the laminated triplexes used to protect products from light, humidity or oxygen in the pharmaceutical sector, which can be up to 150 microns thick.

This adaptability is not only related to the thickness of the containers, but also to their size and capacity: indeed, the 2060-C is also the only machine on the market capable of processing bags of very different sizes. The machine is therefore able to handle weight ranges from a few grams to 4 or 5 kilograms per bag.

A unique concept, endless possibilities

The Schur bag strings, designed to feed the Schur Star 2060-C.

The machine can be easily adapted to a wide range of formats, sizes and thicknesses, thanks in particular to its system of reloading the machine by daisy chains: this method of reloading the machine makes it possible to switch easily from one type of packaging to another, without having to stop the chain and lose precious time resetting the unit to adapt to a new type of packaging.

Again, this adaptability will be largely due to Schur’s unique pin chain system, but also thanks to the machine’s daisy-chain refill mode, which further simplifies the task: the operation takes only a few minutes as the operator has nothing more to do than hang a new daisy-chain depending on the next products to be packed.

“The Schur Star 2060-C offers the possibility to efficiently pack several bag sizes in a wide range of innovative shapes, or even several products, on one and the same line, with easy, quick size changes and without any need for additional tooling”, Nicolas Chéné summarises.

Other Schur innovations at the exhibition

The company also presented its latest innovations in terms of paper packaging, but also its new flexible mono-material packaging, also displaying at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022 its ambitions regarding better recyclability of its packaging.

“The interest of this kind of approach is to offer adapted packaging and quality bagging in order to limit the carbon footprint, both in the production of the packaged product and the packaging itself,” concludes Nicolas Chéné.

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