Schumacher Packaging expects 12% sales growth by 2022


Schumacher Packaging recently announced its revenue figures for 2022, showing substantial growth over the previous year.

Consistent financial performance

Schumacher Packaging recorded a significant increase in sales, with a growth rate of 12%. This translates into total revenues of €750 million for 2022, compared with €670 million the previous year.

Expansion initiatives

Schumacher Packaging’s growth can be attributed to its strategic expansion initiatives. The company has expanded its presence in key markets by establishing new production facilities and distribution centers. This expansion strategy has enabled Schumacher Packaging to better serve its customers, penetrate new markets and generate additional revenue streams. The company’s investment in technology and automation has also played a key role in improving operational efficiency and meeting customer demands, contributing to sales growth.

Focus on innovation and customized solutions

Schumacher Packaging’s commitment to innovation and the provision of customized packaging solutions has contributed to its sales growth. The company constantly invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of industry trends and customer preferences.

By offering a diverse range of packaging solutions tailored to specific customer needs, Schumacher Packaging has been able to attract new customers and strengthen its relationships with existing ones. This customer-centric approach has proved to be a key driver of the company’s sales growth.

A strong position in sustainable packaging

Schumacher Packaging’s focus on sustainability has also played an important role in sales growth. The company has developed and promoted environmentally-friendly packaging options, responding to the growing market demand for sustainable solutions.

By incorporating recyclable materials, reducing waste and adopting environmentally-friendly practices, Schumacher Packaging has positioned itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking sustainable packaging solutions. This has not only attracted environmentally conscious customers, but has also opened up new business opportunities, contributing to sales growth.

In conclusion, Schumacher Packaging aims to continue its upward trajectory by expanding its geographical presence, exploring new markets and investing in cutting-edge technologies. By staying true to its core values and customer-centric approach, Schumacher Packaging is poised for continued success in the packaging industry.

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