Packlight cellucals suitable for all situations

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging for the logistics and e-commerce sectors, Packlight SAS offers a diverse and varied range of cellulose cushioning to suit the many shapes and sizes of packages potentially handled by this sector.

The moulded cellulose is made from recycled paper and is therefore 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
The sheet formats are nestable, stackable and therefore offer substantial space savings in logistics areas: these standard formats are available in several models that can be cut and folded according to the shipping needs and offer an alternative to traditional plastic bubble films or polyethylene and polyurethane sheets.

Packlight cellucales, different models for different purposes

Cellucale soft

Cellucale Soft is a robust moulded cellulose bubble format designed to wrap, protect and line the product.

This cushioning withstands 5,000kg of pressure per square metre, offering the product maximum protection against impact during the logistical and transport process, and is an ideal replacement for plastic foam and bubble wrap, offering a 100% recyclable and sustainable alternative.

Cellucale basic

Cellucale Basic will be a 780 x 380 mm sheet of moulded cellulose cushioning formed from shock absorbing cones. A format that can easily be cut into various shapes, such as corners, angles, profiles, cylinders, etc., and can thus be adapted to many different products, while remaining an environmentally friendly alternative.

Cellucale buckets

Packlight’s Cellucal Buckets are specially designed cushioning plates for buckets with several shapes and sizes available: round, oval or rectangular depending on the product to be transported.

Cellucale angle

The Cellucale Angle will consist of a 3D corner angle made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable moulded cellulose, which is an ideal replacement for plastic corner wedges

Cellucale flex

Cellucale Flex is a 380 x 380 mm moulded cellulose pin cushioning mat that is ideal for securing unconventionally shaped products such as bottles.

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