ACSR retrofit: as good as new… or better.

To give a second life to machines considered obsolete, more and more initiatives in favour of “retrofit” are emerging: ACSR Solutions GmbH joins the movement for the sustainability of industrial goods.

Retrofitting is the overhaul, upgrading or even integration of new features into older industrial machine models: these tailor-made modernisation projects are individually adapted to the customer’s needs and can go as far as a general overhaul of the whole system, including the renewal of control components, for example, when system automation is desired.

ACSR Solutions GmbH’s retrofit service focuses primarily on the renovation and modernisation of packaging machines and tablet presses. Its latest retrofit? A FETTE P2000 rotary tablet press from 1993 from the stock of a partner in the medical sector: a machine equipped with 36 stations and capable of reaching 118,000 tablets per hour, with a compression force of 100 kN.

ACSR retrofit – reusing instead of throwing away

Once in the capable hands of ACSR Solutions GmbH’s retrofit department, the rotary press underwent a complete mechanical and electrical retrofit: the main gearbox was overhauled, a new rotor shaft and a new housing were designed and installed on the machine, and the TabControl ECO automation system from ACSR Solutions GmbH was added.

ACSR’s retrofit gave a second life to the 30-year-old model, bringing it up to a level of performance and automation that is potentially comparable to today’s machines.

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