Packaging 4.0 according to Tecma Aries


Tecma Aries, a global specialist in end of the line packaging, has grown steadily since it was established in 2014 after Tecma Pack acquired Aries Packaging. The union of these two strong companies, which have been able to pull their expertise, allows them to offer their customers a wide range of full line and packaging solutions.

The group has two sites in France, one within the high technology cluster of Troyes-Rosière in Aube and another in Coulommiers in Seine-et-Marne, as well as a subsidiary location in Dallas, United States. It currently employs around 250 people and there are plans to hire another 30 in the works.

Combining two distinct, yet very complementary skills

The group has two ares of expertises. On the one hand, the design and development of end of the line packaging devices, including overwrappers, cartoners and pallertizers, as well as many other peripheral devices relating to the various processes within the packaging industry. All of these elements make up the wide range of bespoke machines that he group designs and assembles for their customers. The group’s other core competency is the design of cardboard packaging intended to supply its machines.
Guillaume Richard, the group’s development director, explains that at Tecma Aries: “We make machines to pack products in cardboard – we don’t use plastic packaging”. Thus, the group does not produce any primary packaging and has largely specialised in the design of secondary and tertiary cardboard packaging. So under no circumstances will the group produce yogurt pots, rather it will work on designing the cardboard holders surrounding them, or even the boxes which they are shelved in.

Export and R&D, two primary objectives

Coffee, dairy products, fruit compotes and pre-cooked meals…The agri-food sector is Tecma Aries core business, representing 70% of its turnover. The group also supplies its packaging to many other major companies, including some of big players in the cosmetics, wine and spirits, and pet food industries.
Tecma Aries makes the bulk of its sales abroad. While most French companies are already well equipped in end-of-line equipment, the group has managed to outsource its sales to the four corners of the planet, with 85% of its turnover coming from abroad. It must also be noted that setting up a base in Dallas was not random, because the United States is where the group has made the greatest gains, with 20% year-on-year growth.

Innovation is also one of the main pillars of Tecma Aries’ strategy. The objective of designing and assembling machines, which fold at ever higher speeds and meet increasingly stringent ergonomic demands to facilitate work, while also respecting the environment is always present, but Tecma Aries doesn’t stop there. Following the increase in prices and the shortage of packaging materials due to the health crisis and resulting increase in demand for over-protecting products, the group has committed to optimising its packaging by using thinner boxes and making maximum use of recycled and recyclable materials.

Finally, personalisation has seemingly been added to the group’s arsenal following the development of Tecsleeve technology and the establishment of a partnership with “Sleever International”, with whom they developed a new concept – the “Dreamoncup”. Based on the two entities’ respective technologies, this custom packaging solution comes in the form of 360 degree shrink plastic sleeves and allows customers to fully customise an environmentally sustainable overwrap for their products.

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