Melodea presents MelOx NGen: A turning point for sustainable food packaging


Melodea, Ltd., an industrial leader in sustainable barrier coatings for packaging, has launched its latest innovation, MelOx NGen.

This cutting-edge barrier product is specially designed to enhance the recyclability of plastic food packaging and many other applications. This plant-based, water-soluble coating is poised to revolutionise the interior of a wide range of plastic food packaging variants, from films and pouches to lids and thermoformed packaging.

A sustainable response to current packaging challenges

MelOx NGen offers a greener, more economical alternative. This innovation demonstrates Melodea’s commitment to sustainability, building on the foundation established by their award-winning MelOx for paper packaging. With MelOx NGen, the range of recyclable plastic food packaging is about to expand significantly, allowing packaging companies to better align with sustainability goals and comply with government regulations aimed at reducing single-use plastics.

The EU and Melodea join forces for a new era of sustainable and economical plastic packaging

The European Union, in an effort to reduce plastic consumption and waste, initiated the Plastic Waste Directive. This directive outlines ambitious objectives for the recycling and reuse of plastic packaging. In line with this global sustainability momentum, Melodea’s CEO, Shaul Lapidot, notes: “Our comprehensive solution helps seamlessly integrate plastic packaging into the circular economy.” Cee Azerraf, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, sheds more light on the current challenge: the predominantly non-recyclable nature of current plastic packaging. MelOx NGen, he points out, stands out as an environmentally friendly alternative, not only sustainable but also economical, especially considering the rising prices of EVOH.

Faced with the growing demand for sustainable solutions and the pressures of global directives, Melodea’s MelOx NGen seems ready to take centre stage as a pioneering solution in the field of recyclable and sustainable food packaging.

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