Leghorn : “Identify, control, protect, trace”


For more than 40 years, the Italian group Leghorn has contributed to the creation of the most secure and sustainable seals.

Since its establishment in 1978, the Leghorn Group has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security seals, electronic products and other systems for the identification, protection, control and tracking of goods and properties. Although present in multiple markets, it particularly specialises in logistics and transport.

Based in Italy, the group has a total of seven subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, Latin America and the Middle East, as well as three plastic and metal factories, all located in Europe.

Leghorn Group, security guaranteed

Leghorn can boast of being one of the few in the world to manufacture electronic RFID seals that cannot be duplicated or modified without notification, and which constantly report their status.

The group gives prominence to its wide collection through a catalogue of 120 items. These include no fewer than 19 models of high security seals, all compliant with the ISO 17712:2013 standard, passive RFID electronic seals, as well as 46 models of 100% recyclable plastic seals suitable for different applications. On this account the group is at the forefront of innovation, both in terms of the security of goods and information and in the creation of sustainable security solutions.

“Identify, control, protect, trace:” these are the missions of the various mechanical, electronic and mixed devices designed by Leghorn to guarantee and protect the authenticity of products, and prevent of break-ins on goods and merchandise placed under seal, using the most relevant and economical technical solution, according to the needs.

Scellés en plastique 100% recyclables
Scellés RFID LeghornGroup

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