Isovation has applied its know-how to isothermal packaging

The Vaucluse based company specialises in the manufacturing of isothermal packaging for transporting heat-sensitive products

Based in Avignon (Vaucluse), Isovation defines itself as the specialist in autonomous isothermal packaging and cold chain solutions. The company is proud to have brought the first foldable and flat-pack insulated packaging to market, capable of transporting heat-sensitive products within the health and agri-food sectors.

The company has a specific objective – “Maintaining a product at a certain temperature in relation to external climatic conditions”, explains Pierre Coville, Isovation’s Sales Manager for France. Our core business is manufacturing packaging for companies specialising in health which transport vaccines or red blood cells. We offer all sizes, from small parcels to pallet boxes.”

Keen to develop solutions which meet all of its customers’ needs, Isovation is touting a particular product for transporting large volumes within an insulated pallet box, which can be delivered flat and reused. “It offers the possibility of ‘reverse logistics’, which in turn makes it possible to limit flows”, insist Pierre Coville.

Isovation has developed this product with the help of several companies: one in textiles who worked on the design of the cover to make it more robust, another specialising in the manufacturing of insulating materials, and then we took care of its engineering and development. We also bring our cold chain expertise.”

Going forwards, Isovation is looking to develop increasingly sustainable products, which are responsibly sourced, use less raw materials and plastics, as well as cutting down on CO2 in transport and storage. Innovation is part of this Vaucluse company’s DNA, which places CSR at the top of its agenda. “We are developing solutions using hemp and rice straw from Camargue. We try to procure 100 per cent of materials from French sources. We are also working on new materials, all while preserving our solutions’ thermal quality and offering a respectful price”, concludes Pierre Coville.

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