INNOVATIONS SERIES: paper processing, a combination of materials and sustainable technology


Watch the Innovations series, inspired by the winners of the ALL4PACK Innovations 2022. In the “Material of the Future” category, Tosa impressed the jury with its pioneering paper processing method, a winning combination of material and sustainable technology.

The most striking and innovative sustainable solutions of the year are brought together in our Innovations series, at the heart of new trends in the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem!

Reinventing paper processing to extend the life cycle of packaging

Paper has undergone major changes since it was invented a thousand years ago, and innovation is now focusing on eco-responsible approaches to its treatment.

Given the growing awareness of sustainability and the need to reduce the environmental footprint, the processing of packaging materials has become essential to extend the life cycle of the product-packaging combination.

Eco-responsibility in paper production and processing

The traditional paper industry has long been criticised for its intensive consumption of virgin resources and its impact on forests.

New eco-responsible production methods have focused their efforts on :

  • Sustainable management of forest resources.
  • Reducing carbon emissions.
  • Use of cleaner technologies.

Manufacturers are now adopting more ethical and transparent practices, offering consumers the guarantee that paper comes from more responsible sources.
Among other things, the introduction of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification has played a major role in upgrading paper industry practices.

Paper, a smart, environmentally-friendly material for the future

traitement du papier

In line with advances in paper processing, the advent of intelligent paper represents a significant step forward.

Researchers and Research and Development departments are exploring processes that could add functionalities to paper, transforming it into an intelligent material.

Innovative and appropriate paper processing would enable the material to be multi-functional, with options for :

  • Water-repellent paper.
  • More stretchable and tear-resistant paper.
  • Conductive paper.

This opens the way to new applications in fields such as logistics and electronics.

Technological advances that aim to increase the lifespan of paper to ensure that this material of the future has a long life. Or how to combine the versatility of traditional paper with modern properties.

The growing pressure to reduce plastic waste has also stimulated innovation in paper packaging.

Environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic packaging are emerging – and contributing to the emergence of sustainable solutions in response to consumers’ environmental considerations.

Growing pressure to reduce plastic waste has also stimulated innovation in paper packaging.

Ecological alternatives to traditional plastic packaging are emerging – and contributing to the emergence of sustainable solutions in response to consumers’ environmental considerations.

traitement du papier

Innovation in paper processing is booming, and the combination of eco-technologies and materials conducive to sustainable development is opening up many new prospects.

Eco-responsible advances in production, innovative packaging and technological applications that promote paper processing have propelled it to the forefront of the fight against plastic pollution.

Eco-responsible paper is positioned as a versatile response to the challenges of the packaging ecosystem, as highlighted by the ALL4PACK Innovations jury.

The future promise of paper processing at ALL4PACK Innovations

At the long-awaited ALL4PACK Innovations event, the Press Jury and members of the Pack Expert Committee, specialists in logistics and packaging solutions, voted Tosa the winner in the “Material of the Future” category.

Highly acclaimed for its new Cai Lun product, Tosa was singled out for the eco-responsibility of an innovative banding paper project.

This Research & Development project, in which the company has invested in collaboration with an external partner, involves a pioneering method of treating paper using sustainable banding machines.

The treatment of paper by wrapping machines – also known as pallet wrappers or pallet stretch wrappers – is based on an automated and secure process designed to stabilise loads of products or palletised goods, using a film wrapped around the load.

It’s an alternative to plastic, offering greater control over the environmental impact of the pallet-wrapping process.

Companies that embrace the ecological transition through the use of forward-looking materials and sustainable technologies stand out and strengthen their position as responsible players in their market, in the face of consumers who are increasingly demanding respect for CSR throughout the production chain.

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