INNOVATION SERIES: green logistics, between productivity and sobriety


Find out more about the Innovations series, inspired by the winners of the ALL4PACK Innovations 2022. In the “Logistics Performance” category, Ranpak BV was singled out for its innovative approach to eco-responsible packaging and green logistics.

The most striking and innovative sustainable solutions of the year, brought together in our Innovations series, at the heart of new trends in the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem!

Green logistics for an eco-responsible, lean supply chain

Green logistics offers significant advantages in terms of productivity, profitability and environmental responsibility. Today’s businesses are constantly looking for ways to optimise their operations, which is why the transition to eco-responsible and lean logistics is a wise and sustainable choice.

Adopting green logistics practices creates a synergy between productivity and profitability, and reduces a company’s overall environmental footprint. Certain levers can be used to increase productivity within supply chains:

  • Maximising packaging and wrapping;
  • Optimising transport and routes;
  • Use of energy-efficient vehicle fleets;
  • Automating logistics processes.

As a result, costs linked to energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste are reduced, with an immediate impact on profitability.

These are all ways of accelerating the flow of goods efficiently over the long term, while limiting the environmental impact throughout the production and supply chain.

logistique verte

Green logistics and environmental responsibility

Logistical sobriety is a central pillar at the root of green logistics. Placing environmental responsibility at the heart of operations ensures that environmental issues are taken into account over the long term, and puts CSR at the heart of decision-making. A company incorporates green logistics into its specifications via :

  • Reducing packaging ;
  • Recycling materials;
  • Promoting multimodal transport.

These are all responsible practices that are beneficial to sober logistics.

By minimising the resources used throughout the production and supply chain, manufacturers not only have the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact, but also the long-term possibility of strengthening their resilience in the face of tomorrow’s challenges – resource shortages, regulations on sustainable development, energy efficiency and logistics.

Sober logistics thus contributes to the sustainability of operations. Thanks to green logistics, companies can be sure that the economic and environmental benefits will endure, while minimising the depletion of the resources needed for their business and preserving their energy audit.

ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS highlights innovations in green logistics

During the last edition of ALL4PACK Innovations, one exhibitor at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS stood out for its progress in terms of eco-responsible logistics.

Ranpak BV presented the Cut’it ! EVO, in the “Logistics Performance” category. The jury, made up of industry experts, singled out the winner for its innovative approach to green logistics, upstream of the production chain and packaging line.

The Cut’it! EVO stands out from the crowd thanks to its innovative packaging process. Once the products are packaged, the machine will determine the highest fill point of the carton, then cut off the excess carton and automatically apply a glued lid.

The result: overall eco-design of the product-packaging combination, savings in resources and materials, and a box ready to be palletised and shipped, in the pursuit of green logistics.

At each edition of the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS trade show, the press jury and the Pack Expert Committee highlight the industry players most committed to environmental and social responsibility during the ALL4PACK Innovations.

The eco-responsible approach to green logistics has become an essential catalyst for maximising productivity and profitability, while integrating practices that are both sober and sustainable.

Companies that embrace this transformation have the opportunity to improve their operational performance and strengthen their market position as responsible players, in the face of consumers who are becoming increasingly demanding with regard to manufacturers’ CSR commitments.

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