GMJ Phoenix, makes shipping dangerous goods far easier

Since GMJ Phoenix was founded in 1988, it has strived to make life easier for the companies it supports through their products and services.

Specialists in regulation for transporting dangerous goods and international transit, the company, based in Marne-la-Vallée with a branch in Strasbourg, provides services across three sectors: international trade and customs regulations, road transport and logistics, as well as the shipping and transport of dangerous goods. The latter business unit was opened in 1996 and entrusted to Guillaume Le Coz, who has since become a general manager.

He tells us more about GMJ Phoenix’s activities. “We are part of a whole: when we ship dangerous goods, we start with the packaging. You have to report the product, which is relatively complex. What packaging and signage should be selected? Especially since fines are relatively severe, generally for endangering others. For most companies, dangerous goods represent 1 or 2% of shipments, therefore they rarely master the regulations and need someone to help and advise them, and not just an ordinary printer who sells them a label like you would an A4 sheet of paper. This is where we come in.”

Already well established on French soil where it produces between 70 and 100 million labels per year, GMJ Phoenix is now looking to continue its development beyond the country’s borders and is targeting the Belgian, Swiss, Luxembourg, German and Spanish markets.

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