INNOVATIONS SERIES: ecological technologies, combining progress and circularity


Discover the Innovations series, inspired by the winners of the ALL4PACK Innovations 2022. In the “Innovative Technology” category, Engilico made a strong impression with its presentation of a device representing new environmentally-friendly technologies for the in-line inspection of packaging.

The most striking and innovative sustainable solutions of the year are brought together in our Innovations series, at the heart of new trends in the packaging and intralogistics ecosystem!

Redefining the direction of progress thanks to green technologies

In the face of growing environmental challenges, green technologies are essential allies. The new regulations governing the ecological transition are driving companies to develop new, innovative solutions that combine technological transformation, progress and the concept of circularity.

Circularity: the pillar of technological ecology

Traditional packaging, which has come under fire for its environmental impact, has given way to sustainable packaging, in order to remedy its high level of waste and its major contribution to plastic pollution.

Between promoting the act of sorting, the challenges of waste management and the excessive consumption of non-renewable resources, advances in technology must go hand in hand with ecology to minimise the carbon footprint.

The very essence of ecological technologies lies in promoting circularity, and a symbiosis between progress and sustainability through the integration of the circular economy loop. Circularity means designing packaging with a long-term vision, incorporating the principles of :

  • Recycling materials to avoid losses and manufacturing waste.
  • Reducing waste generated by the design and use of technologies.
  • Reuse of parts or materials at the end of the life of machines and devices.

Advances in the design of eco-friendly technologies and circular packaging make it possible to close the life-cycle loop for products and appliances, while minimising the environmental footprint and maximising the use of resources over the long term.

Green technologies and the challenges of traceability

Technological advances are playing a crucial role in the creation of innovative sustainable packaging. Solutions such as blockchain are being used to ensure traceability, guarantee responsible sourcing, and promote the reuse of materials.

Advanced sustainable technologies enable in-depth analysis of the packaging lifecycle, from design to disposal, as well as greater visibility and understanding of its overall environmental impact.

Advances in green technologies have forged a more transparent approach and helped to make companies more accountable throughout the supply chain.

This has been made possible by the emergence of new green technologies, incorporating the internet and artificial intelligence, such as Engilico’s new Hyperscope solution – a blend of innovation, automation, sustainability and a controlled environmental footprint.

Artificial intelligence integrated into Engilico’s Hyperscope
(Photo: Engilico video screenshot)

ALL4PACK Innovations at the crossroads of progress and ecological technologies

At the latest edition of ALL4PACK Innovations, many exhibitors presented their new technologies, which are both innovative and environmentally friendly. Engilico, the winner in its ‘Innovative Technology’ category, impressed the jury comprising the Press and the Pack Expert Committee with Hyperscope, its latest solution for in-line inspection of welds on rigid packaging.

Here’s a new in-line inspection system that detects foreign matter or contamination in the sealing area that could lead to package leaks, combined with hyperspectral camera technology that can identify substances of different composition – such as plastics, paper, organics, fats and liquids – with much higher contrast than traditional vision-based camera systems.

Hyperspectral technology stands out as the only imaging technology that reliably detects contamination through the sealing film. A new, environmentally-friendly technology that guarantees the safety and traceability of the product-packaging pairing, thanks to the new state-of-the-art integrated systems.

Companies have everything to gain by adopting new environmentally-friendly technologies. By reconciling profitability, progress and sustainability, they have the opportunity to improve their operational performance while strengthening their market position in the face of consumers who are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of manufacturers’ CSR commitments.

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