KHS breaks new ground in the beer industry with Innofill Glass DRS ECO technology

KHS recently worked with the Czech brewery Velké Popovice to integrate its new filling technology, the Innofill Glass DRS ECO filler, into its production process.

Features of Innofill Glass DRS ECO

This technology is notable for its ability to reduce CO2 and energy consumption, an important aspect for breweries looking to optimise their operations while adopting more sustainable practices. The focus on these aspects is testament to KHS’ approach to product design, which aims to balance performance with environmental responsibility.

Collaboration between KHS and Velké Popovice

The integration of Innofill Glass DRS ECO at Velké Popovice has had an impact on their production process. Not only has it improved the efficiency of their filling line, but it has also helped to reduce operating costs thanks to its low energy consumption. The adoption of this technology demonstrates Velké Popovice’s commitment to more sustainable and efficient production. It also illustrates how close collaboration with KHS has enabled the solution to be tailored to meet the brewery’s specific requirements.

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