Don’t miss Emballages Magazine’s annual packaging conference with ALL4PACK getting the day off to a strong start


ALL4PACK Emballage Paris will once again be attending the Emballages Magazine conference on Thursday June 23

ALL4PACK Emballage Paris will open the conference with:

Become a change maker – lead the packaging revolution

Essential, while also at the heart of environmental considerations, packaging must reinvent itself without compromising its effectiveness.

Faced with environmental challenges of such magnitude, the barriers are significant and sustainable packaging is at the forefront of the agenda. The first legal measures towards building a circular economy leave no choice.

Since 2021, the use of expanded polystyrene, widely used in food packaging, is no longer permissible. Rather 100% recycled plastic, is the goal for 2025. And by 2040, all plastic for single-use packaging will be banned.

A meeting on packaging before the 2022 trade show kicks-off

While waiting for the November edition of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022, we are delighted to be opening this day of conferences, organised by our partner Emballages Magazine, on Thursday June 23.

Guillaume Schaeffer, Director of the show, and many other guest speakers will be looking at emerging trends in terms of materials while providing concrete examples.


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