Acti Pack presents new PET products for food and hygiene/beauty industries at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris

Acti Pack, which specialises in the manufacture of PET and RPET packaging, is continuing to expand its range of standard products for the hygiene and beauty and food markets. New yoghurt pots and pillboxes in PET are being presented at the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris trade show.

Acti Pack, a company that has been specialising in PET and R-PET pots, squeezers and bottles for 30 years, is present within the hygiene-beauty, food and miscellaneous products markets in Europe.

In order to assist its customers in their choice of packaging and to offer ever more innovative solutions in line with market requirements, Acti Pack offers a very wide catalogue of both standardised products and customised packaging solutions.

Acti Pack’s ranges of jars, squeezers and bottles respond to the market’s concern to use eco-responsible materials. Acti Pack therefore manufactures products in standard PET or specific R-PET recycled material. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the company offers 25%, 50% or 100% recycled PET. At the same time, new shapes and containers are developed.

The R-PET material is certified for food contact and remains a 100% recyclable material. Acti Pack is also committed to proposing solutions aimed at reducing the weight of packaging as much as possible, while retaining the properties necessary for product packaging.

Also, exclusively at the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris exhibition, Acti Pack is unveiling its brand new PET packaging for its target markets. These include the Yogo 125 ml pot, the Isil 200 ml bottle, and the Vital 300 ml and Vitamin 250 ml pillboxes.

Yogo, the unbreakable yoghurt pot

Yogo is a 100% recyclable PET yoghurt pot with up to 100% recycled PET for the fresh food market segment: this new model, named Yogo 125 ml, offers the transparency and the standard dimensions of the yoghurt pot market.

Acti Pack Pot Yogo
Pot Yogo (Image: Acti Pack)

The advantages of using PET material for this type of packaging are well known. This material guarantees an unbreakable jar. It allows safe handling when put on the shelf and safe use by the final consumer at home; but also a reduction of 85% of the weight of the packaging compared to the current glass packaging for a finished product that is lighter to transport.

Finally, this PET yoghurt pot also offers the possibility of fitting a PET lid, making the finished product a 100% recyclable single-material unit.

Isil, a discreet bottle for the hygiene and beauty sector

Another new range of PET bottles: “Isil”, meaning “discreet” in Basque, is intended for the hygiene and beauty market. This new development of bottles, available in PET and R-PET, is offered in collaboration with Loire Plastic Industrie, specialised in plastic injection. The result is a complete package, including the bottle and cap.

Flacon Isil Acti Pack
Flacon Isil (Image: Acti Pack)

The design of the new “Isil” range is discreet, with strict shoulders and a cylindrical shape. The discretion is expressed through the neck and the associated cap, which are flat and thin.

The capsule has been the subject of an eco-design study in terms of its size and weight, in order to have the most optimal “Bottle/Capsule” pairing possible, with a weight reduction of more than 15% compared to our current equivalent models.

The “Isil” capsule is compatible with the ISTA-6-Amazon standard and offers tamper evidence and security on the first opening of the product. Initially available in a 200 ml format, additional capacities of 150 ml to 400 ml are planned in the near future.

Pillboxes adapted for parapharmacy and food supplements

Recently, new PET pillboxes have been added to the range: the Vital 300 ml pillbox and the Vitamin 250 ml pillbox. They are intended for the parapharmacy and food supplement markets.

The Vital 300 ml and Vitamin 250 ml pillboxes are part of the standard range, each with its own characteristics. While the Vital 300 ml model has a standard screw-on ring allowing the use of metal capsules, the Vitamin 250 ml pillbox has a tamper-evident ring and a first-opening safety feature.

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