Cama unveils robotic solutions at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022

The Cama Group attended the 2022 edition of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris in Villepinte. Pierre Therville, head of the French subsidiary, was at the show and agreed to answer our questions.

Pierre Therville, responsable de la filiale France chez Cama Group
Pierre Therville, head of the French subsidiary of Cama Group

A world leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of packaging machinery, as well as secondary and tertiary packaging solutions, Cama was present at the trade show, taking place in Villepinte from 21 to 24 November.

Founded in 1981 and based north of Milan in Italy, the group offers all types of carton solutions, as well as fully integrated packaging lines, from primary to final packaging, for a “ready to palletise” result in both food (coffee, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream) and non-food sectors. “The company was one of the few to produce its own machines as early as 1990, which at the time, was a guarantee of credibility and even expertise within the industry,” Pierre Therville explains.

A successful exhibition

Pierre Therville is very satisfied with his attendance at the ALL4PACK Emballage 2022. In addition to offering an interesting overview of the latest innovations in the field, the show is a great opportunity for packaging professionals to get together and discuss current and future issues. It’s a kind of round table discussion that raises awareness among visitors and brings together great minds to lead the new era of Industry 4.0 and sustainable packaging.

Break-through generation, the centre piece of the Cama stand

The company presented the latest version of the Break-Through Generation (or BTG) model on its stand – a hygienic chassis in painted steel or stainless steel with a unique design and very high operational accessibility. This version has been upgraded with a number of new features that represent a step forward in the automation of packaging systems. With its two integrated, simultaneously running conveyors, each capable of handling up to 1000 products per minute, the BTG offers great flexibility as it becomes possible to pack two separate products at the same time, on one and the same machine.

“We take into account all the specificities of the type of products to be processed, as well as the customer’s specific requirements in order to deliver a customised device that meets his expectations, not a prototype,” says Pierre Therville.

The system also benefits from a highly ergonomic and easy-to-follow visual management system that guides the user through the operations required for each format change. In combination with the HMI notifications, coloured lights help to identify targets, minimising the time required for any intervention on the machine.

The BTG is a highly scalable device thanks to on-board drivers, remote I/O and electrical and pneumatic components stored directly in the machine frame: various Cama-made robots (forming, loading, carton sealing, etc.) are therefore integrated into the frame according to the specificity of the tasks to be performed on the lines. This “cabinetless” system offers the double advantage of reducing the burden of maintenance operations, as well as allowing easy access all around the machine, all with zero risk for the operator in view of the Cat. Pld3 classification of the BTG.

“What we are trying to show with this machine is Cama’s credibility in engineering,” adds Pierre Therville. The display was specially set up for the show and featured twelve Cama parts pickers working in perfect synergy within the BTG chassis.

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