TEP, specialist in packaging materials for wines, spirits and the food industry

TEP is a company created in 1990 that is renowned in the field of packaging materials for wines and sparkling wines, spirits and food products, as well as other industrial sector. Its mission is to provide “total satisfaction” to its customers, whatever the size of its production units.

Between Reims and the Champagne-Ardenne TGV station, the Marne-based company is located as near as possible to the various wine-growing regions of France. It is a strategic position that allows it to advise, monitor and guide its customers in their equipment choices. As well as its location in Champagne, TEP also has presence in Alsace, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (where it takes care of requests from overseas departments and communities) and in the south of France near Montpellier.

TEP‘s operations include palletisation and depalletisation; labelling; rinsing, bottling and the corking and screw capping of bottles; collection; washing and drying; inspection; and finally, the dispensing, setting and withdrawal of the drinks.

Providing studies and advice

The main objective of TEP is to carry out studies of complete packaging lines or single machines in reference to the criteria of performance, profitability, productivity and costs for its customers. Its proposals clearly take into account the defined needs, required technical solutions and project feasability.

TEP therefore offers an A-Z turnkey solution. The various departments of the company are in charge of comprehensive engineering across projects. They carry out a personalised study and offer total technical control of the coordination, management and the commissioning of the equipment. The advantage for the customer is to have a single supplier and a single contact in a people-oriented company.

TEP packaging machine
(Photo: tep.fr)


TEP’s technical teams take over from the commercial study part and set up customer lines. Part of the process is the after-sales service, with its location being of great advantage, which provides rapid repairs with the help of its spare parts store.

The knowledge and experience acquired by TEP’s technical and commercial teams over many years, as well as the support of the best equipment manufacturers, allow the vast majority of customer requests to be met. TEP is then able to implement small, medium and high-speed production units and the machines best suited to the performance of the customer’s packaging lines.

If TEP is especially tapped into the wine and agri-food world, it also works in other sectors. Health and beauty, the chemical industry also benefit from the same quality criteria and total control of the packaging chain.

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