E3 Cortex, foolproof packaging

Founded by Christian Pascal in 1983, E3 Cortex specialises in the packaging of hazardous materials, having quickly obtained its first certification in this field. The family business has continued to grow ever since and the founder’s sons, Clément et Ambroise, have now taken over the reins to continue manufacturing made to measure packaging for transporting these special goods, whether hazardous, biological, heat-sensitive or fragile. Several companies have placed their trust in E3 Cortex, such as Safran, several freight forwarders, car manufacturers like the PSA groupes and Renault, aeronautical manufacturers and a number of chemical product manufacturers. “We package the products entrusted to us by our customers, making them compliant for air, sea and land freight, ” explains Ambroise Pascal, CEO of the Oise based company. We receive the products and bring them into compliance, in terms of documentation and labelling based on the regulations which are in place. The clients explain to us what products they are looking to ship, and we then receive them in packaging which is not necessarily compatible with the regulations in place, in particular for air freight. We repackage them so they meet the acceptable quantities for air transport. Then, we label the packages, draw up the shipping documents so they can be accepted by dangerous goods carriers.

The health context has called for E3 Cortex to transit a lot of antibacterial gels. But that’s not all. There are also corrosive products, lithium batteries or even flammable products such as paints where the customers are seeking to transport it to construction sites abroad. For many years now, the company has favoured getting its supplies in France.           

“Most of the products we sell are recyclable”, insists Ambroise Pascal. For our isothermal products, we work with ecological ecological isothermal barriers and we avoid polystyrene and polyurethane which are conventionally used. We are also working with wood fibres or hemp fibres to produce more environmentally friendly products. We’ve found that they have relatively good isothermal properties. We are satisfied with the evolution of our products. We still have some research to do, but they will be released by the end of the year. It’s an important point.”

In addition to its innovation drive, E3 Cortex is looking to gain a bigger presence on the European market for packaging infectious materials. “The health crises made us realise that we were much more responsive than our competitors thanks to our manufacturing in France. This proximity to our suppliers in raw materials should allow us to impose ourselves more on European soil. And maybe even further afield if we have the chance”, Ambroise Pascal suggests.          

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