Zetes wows at the latest ALL4PACK edition

The company exhibited its latest MD range of automatic print and apply label systems at the All4PACK Emballage Paris trade fair in November.

The ZetesAtlas product identification runtime software was on display along with its range of identification and traceability solutions. Founded in 1984, Zetes specialises in supply chain optimisation and citizen identification solutions. The Brussels-based company has over 1,300 employees in 22 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Zetes’ expertise and cutting-edge solutions are aimed at companies in the manufacturing industry, logistics service providers and large-scale retailers to keep them at the forefront of innovation and to adapt quickly to changing market expectations. And for governments and supranational institutions, to authenticate individuals for identity documents, national registers and voter lists.

The MD range, the latest in automated label printing and application

The MD range of machines has been specially designed for quick and easy integration into industrial packaging lines and is dedicated to the automatic printing and application of labels. Visitors to the exhibition were able to discover the functionalities of two models on display at the company’s stand.

The first is the MD-6000, which is ideal for pallet labelling. With its industrial controller, it enables real-time exchange of data, orders and commands with the various elements of the packaging line (conveyors, cells, automats). The device also allows the identification of pallets on four sides to avoid errors, disputes and other penalties. EDI messages are generated in full compliance to increase customer satisfaction and optimise delivery times.

The MD-4000, also with an industrial controller, is specifically designed for labelling products, cartons and bundles in continuous industrial environments.

Easy product identification with ZetesAtlas

Zetes also presented its ZetesAtlas – Packaging Execution System, a software solution entirely dedicated to automated unit identification as well as serialisation/aggregation of products in the packaging line, which are the foundations of error-free traceability throughout the supply chain.

ZetesAtlas pilots the execution of each identification step – printing or acquisition and validation – on all packaging levels involved, from primary packaging to the pallet, thanks to a controlled and collaborative management of the processes in real time, and of the data processing.

The independent technology is flexible and popular with many customers. It guarantees the integrity of scheduling (ERP/MES) and the accuracy of published batch reports (digitisation of production), and undoubtedly offers its share of benefits for the logistics, health, industrial and food sectors.

Other innovations were also demonstrated on the stand, including ZetesMedea’s execution software for warehouse inventory management and ZetesChronos for transport management. These two software products use the best of technology to increase operational performance, make data more reliable throughout the product journey, and ensure end-to-end traceability of the supply chain, free from any reproach, as well as total security of the products during the various storage or routing processes.

The company also presented its marking and automatic print and apply systems on its stand, as well as many solutions for optimising industrial and logistical processes. Finally, Zetes showed visitors its intelligent collaborative platform ZetesOlympus, designed to streamline information and thus ensure real-time traceability and total control in complete transparency.

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