Wooden pallets, a future solution for industrial packaging

Among the new industrial packaging options, wooden pallets stand out as sustainable solutions with a high recycling rate.

Among the packaging of the future, wooden pallets have a double benefit. Both ecological and economic, they create new jobs integrated into a circular economy and reduce the environmental impact of packaging through the reuse of raw materials.

Wood stands out among packaging materials as a timeless material. Versatile, strong and resistant to both time and weather, wood is a sustainable solution. Consumer demands for low environmental impact have made it attractive again.

As an eco-responsible material by definition, it has a higher turnover/company ratio than other packaging materials. Here are some key figures :

Epalia, recyclage de palettes
Credit: Epalia

2019 : 1st Europe’s leading producer of wooden packaging.
1.5 billion euros in turnover in France.

2021 : 860 companies specialising in wooden packaging.

100% biodegradable or recyclable.

  • As the second largest employer in the packaging materials sector, the wood industry is renewing itself thanks to the recycling of materials and the reuse of resources for the production of wooden pallets. Particularly popular in recent years, they appeal to consumers for their robust appearance, and have opened up a market around eco-design, for the use of wooden pallets in interior and exterior decoration.
  • Wood is part of the logic of the responsible economy, at the heart of current pro-environmental concerns.

Wooden pallets, eco-responsible and sustainable materials

Wooden packaging provides a reliable and environmentally responsible alternative to many growing packaging and logistical requirements.

The robust, durable appearance and high strength of wood are unrivalled in the packaging sector. A major advantage is that it is suitable for food contact. In addition to the technical advantages, there are also numerous economic benefits: in particular, the competitive manufacturing costs and the higher recyclability rate guarantee lower costs in the long term. Wooden pallets offer a solid, tailor-made and reliable logistical solution due to the strength of the material and the technical nature of the construction.

Wooden pallets have the wind in their sails, and embody the current eco-design dynamic, thanks to the revalorisation of materials, recycled and then reinjected into the great loop of the circular economy.

Emission TV Pôle Emballage Bois
Wood, the packaging of the future, subject of the programme “Our forest tomorrow” at the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris trade fair | Credit: Pôle emballage bois

Wooden pallets in the circular economy

Wooden pallets meet the precepts of the responsible economy, and are a sustainable solution for four main reasons :

  • Manufacture : from recycled material, from an available and renewable resource, managed sustainably for years.
  • Process : a manufacturing process that is both energy-efficient and single-material.
  • Recyclability : reusable, recyclable and repairable, wood is close to zero environmental impact.
  • Supply : another strong point is the short circuits which favour the use of local resources.

Favourable to zero environmental impact because they are made directly from recycled wood, wooden pallets make it possible to revalue raw materials, while offering a new alternative to packaging and/or logistics solutions.

Following the example of the Archimbaud group, present at the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022 exhibition, some companies have specialised in the manufacture of wooden pallets, favouring short circuits and “made in France”.

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