The GEPPIA stand presents the trends of French machine manufacturers


Relying on 150 industrialists, the GEPPIA (Groupement des équipementiers du process et du packaging des industries agroalimentaires) gathers its members at the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris exhibition within the French process and packaging equipment village, under a new banner: Business activator (Activateur de business).

The GEPPIA represents just over a hundred members who are manufacturers of machinery and peripheral equipment and who, with almost 9,000 employees, have a combined turnover of 1.8 billion euros (45% of which is exported). The GEPPIA also includes more than 60 suppliers. All of them are actively involved in technical and commercial developments, as well as in all their shared industrial, communication and marketing projects initiated by GEPPIA.

For the 2022 edition of the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris trade show, the GEPPIA is bringing its members together in the French process and packaging equipment manufacturers’ village. Under the banner of business activator, the GEPPIA has the ambition to draw its sector towards meaningful projects, centred on people, the environment and shared profitability. The group aims to create new opportunities for OEMs, technology partners and end-users who are members of the group.

Presentation of trends in French packaging machinery manufacturers

Several trends emerge from an analysis of the various innovations presented at the GEPPIA village. The consideration of energy consumption and its reduction is already very omnipresent. Work on strategies to reduce, recycle and reuse packaging is being implemented in a concerted manner between packaging manufacturers, machine constructors and industrial producers. As a result, solutions for decontamination, filling and marking of bags, Doypack, inverted bags and recyclable sleeves are developing.

More surprising are the proposals for 2-in-1 machines that allow two different products to be dosed/packaged simultaneously. These machines rely on the pooling of certain components to reduce the investment and save space in the workshops. They are to interest a large number of SMEs.

Robots are increasingly present and are proving to be a simple and reliable solution for providing flexibility by replacing format part changes with recipe changes in component distribution applications, for example. They are also becoming increasingly important in the management of logistics warehouses, imposing their constraints on palletised loads.

Finally, the first lines integrating non-mechanical conveying solutions are coming onto the market. Will magnetic conveying and levitation transport become indispensable technologies for the flexibility of packaging lines?

A village and “pitch” aperitifs!

Within its village, the GEPPIA stand B057 is the place where people meet, where they cross paths and where they get to know each other. According to Pierre Chevalier, Head of Strategy and Operations at GEPPIA: “People are our purpose. The meetings, clubs and projects led by Jean-Marc Doré, President of the GEPPIA, have made our grouping a success.”

During the four days of the show, the GEPPIA will be offering events on its stand that will bring together people and encourage the emergence of technical, economic and commercial synergies. Such as the GEPPIA’s “apéros pitch”, every day from 11:30 to 12:45. Each day, 5 to 6 companies take the floor for a few minutes to express their convictions and conception of the future of the profession.

The apero pitches are an invitation to discover the packaging solutions of the group’s members and to continue the debate in one of the 3 GEPPIA Lab’ centres.

GEPPIA Lab’ conference on industrial cybersecurity

The GEPPIA Lab’ also presents its visitors with the group’s new partners:

  • Advens, a committed player specialising in cybersecurity;
  • Akeros, a specialist in the interoperability of intelligent systems;
  • Bonfiglioli, an expert in power supply and transmission;
  • Ceos Automation, specialist in the revamping of automation systems;
  • Excelsior Safety, industrial safety/cybersecurity consultancy;
  • Oxelar, integrator of industrial IoT solutions.

At these centres, end-users, integrators and manufacturers of process and packaging machines are invited to discuss their energy performance, their cybersecurity risks and their progress in terms of interconnected production.

On Wednesday 23rd November at 3pm, experts from the new GEPPIA partners will take part in a round table discussion in the conference area of hall 5A on the theme of “Machine interoperability and cybersecurity: challenges and reality”. They will highlight the impact of interoperability systems, IoT solutions, and more generally all connected tools, on IoT security.

They are proposing several entry keys to take the right measure of the cyber risks of an installation, to reduce the possibilities of intrusion and to favour a fast restart in case of an attack.

Finally, they will address the regulatory dimension, with the new obligations incumbent on industrial companies under the NIS2 Directive, applicable in 2024, and the future Cyber Resilience Act.

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