ET200Clean: a Siemens innovation


Visitors to ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS will be able to discover ET200Clean, the new decentralised input/output range from Siemens.

The ET 200clean is an innovative, easy-to-clean decentralised peripheral solution designed for hygienic environments (food processing, pharmaceuticals, packaging, etc.).
The hygienic design allows 360-degree cleaning, so that all hygiene requirements for food safety can be reliably met. The housing material is also resistant to chemicals. Decentralised, high-performance connection to sensors and actuators simplifies installation and maintenance, and reduces overall costs. Compatibility with various control systems and fieldbuses enables seamless integration into existing systems and simple replacement of devices without the need for additional engineering tools. The product also features the use of safe materials, sustainable design, sustainable production practices and environmental transparency.
A video presentation is available on the Siemens website.

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