Specialising in plastic welding, Sealester was created in March 2020, as a start-up from the Delta Neo group.

Several essential findings were made very early in the creation of Sealester, which were strong contributing factors in the young start-up’s direction. As sealing techniques on packaging have evolved very little over the past forty years, it is increasingly difficult to adapt them to the requirements of a market that is generally more keen on healthy consumption, and by extension eager for healthy  packaging. This must remain functional and adapted to its content. This ever more diversifying and growing demand totally exceeds these fading techniques, which are clearly no longer able to keep up with the pace, nor to meet environmental prerequisites.

Innovation as a spearhead

Sealester has set itself to be permanent innovator, by constantly developing pioneering functions using new films, designs and shapes, with the aim of providing its customers with packaging that is practical, aesthetic and above all respectful of the environment.

Sealester’s revolutionary digital welding

Sealester’s patented digital welding technology is effectively turning things around: this new process makes it possible to break free from conventional packaging techniques and to innovate in the world of flexible packaging thanks to the use of new shapes and new, more sustainable materials.

Sealester offers a complete diagnostic of its customers’ needs, from analysing the classification of the product being processed, to packaging constraints or even the most appropriate shape, to give he best customer experience, designing flexible packaging that is both efficient and tailor-made.

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