Reynders next generation of super labels


The company, a leader in label printing, has reaffirmed its commitment to making safe, smart and sustainable labels.

In addition to helping people identify a product, Reynders labels can serve another essential function. They can be used as a medium for communication, to greatly enhance the attractiveness and uniqueness of a product.
The company, which has clearly understood the value of labels, has announced that it is planning on basing its future in printing on three predominant criteria, including intelligence, safety and durability.

‘Smart, Safe and Sustainable’ – three adjectives which together, form a single vision of label printing for the company.

Printing safe and smart labels

Reynders is banking on its cutting-edge technology, in particular the NFID and NCF labels of its R-Connect range, which make it possible to group a substantial amount of digital information together on packaging media. Also, the design of locking labels and QUAZAR labels, which have the particularity of having two distinctly different images and therefore be checked separately by tilting the label slightly. This innovative technology helps generate confidence from the product purchased by encouraging consumer involvement in a very simple way.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reynders also stands out for implementing their “Triple-R” portfolio, which provides a selection of handpicked materials based on various factors, such as their price, availability, aesthetics, treatment options and even their sustainability. In doing so, the company has underlined its support for the environment and is making a contribution to the circular economy.

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