Qimarox celebrates 25 years of continuous vertical conveyors

From Prorunner mk2 to Prorunner mk5: a look back at 25 years of innovation

1998: the date generally conjures up memories of jubilant streets after France’s victory in the football World Cup. But in the world of vertical conveyors, which are often inefficient, costly to maintain and prone to malfunctions, the landscape was far less cheerful. The release of the Prorunner mk2 changed all that.

From mk2 to mk5

Since then, the Prorunner has gone from strength to strength to meet the changing vertical handling needs of industry. In 2001, the mk2 was improved with the addition of features such as rejection and passageways. In 2008, robust transport mechanics were introduced to support heavier loads and reduce maintenance requirements. In 2009, the system moved to a modular, customisable configuration, offering greater flexibility. Additional options were added to facilitate transitions between levels. In 2010, the mk2 was transformed into the mk5, with the change from a double sprocket and chain to a single sprocket and chain. Other variants were also introduced to meet specific market needs, such as the Washdown version in stainless steel. The mk5-XL arrived in 2011, capable of handling even heavier loads, including ceiling-mounted applications. The introduction of the mk5 Twin in 2014 and the impact-resistant fork in 2017 consolidated a leading position in materials handling.

Future innovations

And if Qimarox is to be believed, the story is far from over: “the Prorunner mk5 continues to innovate and adapt, incorporating powered conveyors, belt conveyors and a Qimarox controller to stay at the forefront of technology. The latest evolution of the Prorunner mk5 is already on the horizon. It promises seamless transport of bulk goods and holds a patent for its revolutionary design.

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