Packlight, always looking for alternatives


Jean Michel, General Manager at Packlight, answered our questions in anticipation of the next ALL4PACK Emballage Paris event, which will be held from 4 to 7 November 2024 in Paris. On the programme, the curtain will be raised on tomorrow’s cushioning solutions and in particular on PapierWrap.

Packlight is a company that designs and manufactures packaging, specialising more specifically in eco-responsible cushioning, protection and shipping solutions using biodegradable, recycled and recyclable materials. Big names in e-commerce, logistics and industry regularly call on the services of the company and its innovative packaging solutions : “Our customers know why they call on us, and more importantly, why they continue to do so afterwards“, laughs Jean Michel, General Manager of Packlight.

MiniWrap, one of the names of PapierWrap by Packlight.

And the company was no exception when it proudly presented one of its latest products: a honeycomb structure cushioning paper, soberly named “PapierWrap“.

Honeycomb packing paper

PapierWrap is a new generation of environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and biodegradable protective packaging : this honeycomb paper is undoubtedly the ultimate alternative to bubble wrap or cardboard-based packaging. A product concept that can be divided into three variations, and which can be applied to all types of products, for all sectors of activity: “Hexafil, PapierWrap and MiniWrap“, says Jean Michel, referring to the different product ranges. “Each one is relevant to a specific type of use and application.”

The cushioning paper adopts a honeycomb geometry to minimise the amount of material used for maximum strength during storage and transportation of the packaged goods. “It’s an excellent alternative,” says Jean Michel. We consume far fewer resources to manufacture our packaging and cushioning, and the result is much more effective and efficient in protecting the packaged goods.

All the operator has to do is swaddle the item and tear the paper: because of its structure, the paper will hold itself in place, without the need for any adhesive during the process“, explains Jean Michel briefly.

Packlight, a step ahead in eco-design

PaperWrap reels.

Minimising the ecological impact by choosing environmentally friendly materials and reducing formats and thicknesses has always been a priority at Packlight. It is through innovations such as PapierWrap that the company intends to continue to differentiate itself to provide ever cleaner and more relevant alternatives to its customers.

“In a market such as ours, where stakeholders are often attached to the tenacious image of the lawless polluter, it is important, in our opinion, to come up with more and more innovative concepts and ideas to bring us closer and closer to this tenuous balance between the need for eco-responsibility and the need for productivity”, says Jean Michel.

This is a battle horse that we can reasonably assume will never run out of steam, especially in view of the propensity and determination with which Packlight is striving to offer more and more solutions that are both green and innovative.

PapierWrap will of course be featured on the company’s stand at the next edition of the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris trade fair, which will be held from 4 to 7 November 2024 in Paris.

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