Karlville and partners win award for innovative packaging project


The French subsidiary of Karlville partnered with FPC packaging to assist the local start-up Le Petit Baroudeur for the Bio’teille project, which received the Innovation Awards at CFIA Rennes 2022 trade show.

The collaboration is the brainchild of Marin and Victor, two friends who became increasingly frustrated with having to carry bulky bottles of wine, forgetting a corkscrew on picnics or hikes, and the problems of recycling them once consumed. So they decided to embark on a new adventure with the start-up Le Petit Baroudeur – a sustainable alternative to how we consume wine.

This is how the Bio’teille was born, a more practical and sustainable alternative to glass bottles. FPC Packaging redesigned the format of a wine bottle by supplying a single-material plastic pouch, spout and cap which is combined with a moulded fibre shell made from 100% recycled products.

The advantages of this container compared to traditional glass bottles:

  • 3 times less energy consumption
  • 8 times lighter (only 53g)
  • Absorbs shocks and thus avoids overpack
  • Keeps the chilled temperature 30% longer

Karlville presents itself as the ideal partner for filling these Bio’teilles and making their first official sales thanks to its SpoutPro FC Pilot machine. This machine has been perfectly adapted for setting up a liquid nitrogen injection system to eliminate oxygen in the ‘head space’, thus guaranteeing better conservation for the wine. The compact device can be easily moved and set up in wine cellars for direct filling, straight out of the tank. This avoids having to transport the wines to a filling site.

Once the project had been established, the marketing of the Petit Baroudeur’s products could begin. The start-up, accompanied by its two partners FPC Packaging and Karlville, presented their product at the CFIA Rennes 2022 Innovation Awards in the Packaging category and received the winning award on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

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