Jimmy Pahun: “We need to work as clearly as possible on CSR issues”.


As the transformation of the packaging industry gathers pace, all eyes are now on plastics and their uses. To find out more, the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS exhibition team went to meet Jimmy Pahun, MoDem MP for the 2nd constituency of Morbihan.

In his introductory remarks, the MP spoke about the introduction of the “Anti-waste law for a circular economy”, which he introduced in the National Assembly. It is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Reducing overall plastic consumption,
  • Reuse,
  • Recycling, with an increase in the average recycling rate for materials that can be recycled.

For Jimmy Pahun, companies in the packaging industry have a vital role to play. “This role is as fundamental as it is restrictive for companies in the packaging industry. [We can no longer continue to act as we have in the past. We need to be creative, intelligent and work as clearly as possible on these CSR issues”, he explains. However, he asserts that if we want to prevent a 3-fold increase in plastic production by 2050, the legislative authorities also have a role to play in giving companies clear, achievable targets. “In 20 years, we’re asking you to do what our parents and grandparents didn’t do in 100. We’re changing the paradigm, and I think we all need to show solidarity in these matters”, says the MP.

“Plastic should be the last solution after deposits and reuse. When we can’t do otherwise, we have to choose intelligent, recoverable and transformable plastics.

Jimmy Pahun also spoke about the forthcoming adoption by the United Nations Environment Assembly of a treaty against plastic pollution. “It’s quite an objective, because this treaty aims to force all the countries of the world to have the same objectives in terms of waste reduction, recycling, etc.”, he explains. However, each country must act on its own scale. For France, Jimmy Pahun has proposed a law based on 4 simple objectives:

  • An end to small plastic food packaging, such as yoghurt pots.
  • The fight against certain toxic plastics, such as PFAS*, which the MP describes as “eternal pollutants”.
  • Combating the addition of plastics to certain types of packaging, which are often harmful and hinder proper recycling.
  • Making everyone aware of their responsibilities, as set out in the “Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy”, which has put an end to the use of single-use plastic tableware, for example.

In conclusion, Jimmy Pahun, Member of Parliament, invited companies to attend the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS 2024 trade show, with a final message to businesses. “I think we can all do it. It may cost us a little more, but the government will help you transform and develop your products. [I look forward to meeting you at ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS”.

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