HPC Gears releases its catalogue !

HPC presents the latest complete version of its catalogue in 5 volumes.

Having supplied mechanical components and transmission equipment since 1991, HPC offers more than 28,000 standard references for professionals. Constantly expanding the range of its products thanks to its famous small catalogs and its website, the company has carved out for itself a very solid reputation.

HPC has also made it its mission to respond to all requests for mechanical components and provides its solutions beyond standard part references, thanks to the large network of suppliers that the company has gathered over its 31 years of existence. Because of this technicians assess all customer requests in order to design and manufacture custom-made parts, or even adapt standard references to immediate needs.

The 2021 HPC catalogue

The first volume of the catalogue, published 30 years ago, contained 400 pages on gears. The 2021 edition, though, contains no less than 2400 and is divided as usual into five separate volumes (mechanical elements, power transmissions, guiding elements, cogwheels, conveying and casing).

Available free on either its paper version or in PDF format (on www.hpceurope.com), this edition is supplemented with 400 extra pages on 2016, and introduces a multitude of new features to those already offered by HPC Gears. These include stainless steel hypoid reducers, stainless steel feet with an EPDM sole, high temperature rollers, a brand new range of stainless steel gimbals, quarter-turn locks, miniature adjustment carriages, and even magnetic screws.

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