Goglio winner of ALL4PACK Innovation 2022

Goglio attended the 2022 edition of ALL4PACK Emballage Paris and distinguished itself by winning the ALL4PACK Innovation, in the “Design and Ergonomics” category. Phillipe Weiss, Sales Director of Goglio’s European division, shared his thoughts with us.

Goglio is a leader in the production of complete packaging systems, suitable for all needs. The Italian multinational, which employs around 2,000 people, stands out for its unique offering, which includes packaging machines, individual components and flexible, durable packaging materials for the food industry.

“Goglio has always invested in innovation and the search for practical solutions”, says Philippe Weiss, giving as an example the “one-way valve” for degassing coffee, for which Goglio secured the first patent.

Fresh coffee is a speciality of Goglio’s

The revolution in progress

“There is a revolution underway in our reference sector, expressed mainly through two distinct aspects. The first is the integration of the new technologies of Industry 4.0, which brings us fully into an era of digitalisation, with machines connected with the aim of improving their productivity. The second is the gradual move away from aluminium as a barrier material to new, more environmentally sustainable solutions.”

Machines in the age of 4.0

The G21, a perfect illustration of Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Goglio stand showcased a packaging machine suitable for the use of PE-based monomaterial packaging and connected to Goglio’s “Mind” Cloud interface. From here, the IoT management platform collects TMR data on the operation of the machine, which will be extracted and compiled in order to identify and correct as far as possible anything that reduces the efficiency of the device in the short and long term.

This TMR summary system makes it possible to adjust corrective actions according to the database,” explains Philippe Weiss. Goglio’s role is to provide an ecosystem through the machines and the platform, but also and above all to be able to sit down with our customers as partners and provide a service for optimising the performance of the machines.

Mono-PE, a promising alternative to aluminium

Goglio also presented its latest innovations in terms of flexible and sustainable packaging: the company won the “Design and Ergonomics” prize at this year’s ALL4PACK Innovation for its PillowUp packaging.

The PillowUp, winner of the ALL4PACK Innovation Award, category Design and Ergonomics”.

The PillowUp is a flexible flat packaging bag with doypack features, which allow it to stand upright. This new food packaging, also known as the “Smart Pack 2 in 1”, combines the best of both worlds with its unique features. With its patented bottom shape, it has the advantages of both flat pouches and doypack bags: it also has a handle and a spout for easy handling, and a plastic cap can be fitted if required.

Fully customisable by the customer, the PillowUp is a preformed multilayer laminated strip with a high protective barrier, which is exclusive to Goglio and allows for a higher speed on the packaging lines. The packaging is available either in aluminium version or in fully recyclable version based on metallised monomaterial PE.

ALL4PACK Emballage Paris, an expected return for Goglio

Philippe Weiss finally told us how pleased he was to be able to return to the show after what he described as a “troubled period”.

“We are very happy to be back at the show after the pandemic period. ALL4PACK Emballage Paris is a privileged moment where we have the opportunity to meet our international customers, but also to meet as a professional sector around the strong theme of greener packaging.

Goglio SPA, on the podium of the ALL4PACK Innovation 2022 winners.
ALL4Pack Innovation award ceremony.

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