Clevertech presents at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris how it is revolutionising modern distribution with WSR Solutions


Clevertech and WSR Solutions are redefining the world of distribution with technology developed by WSR Solutions that enables a step change in the logistics and distribution chain.

WSR Solutions is a Dutch company specialising in the development of innovative handling technologies. It has developed innovative EOAT grippers and other robotic case handling technologies for the creation of mixed pallets, targeting the global market.  

Its IPS – Intelligent Palletizing Software – is integrated into the overall material handling system and manages the entire sequencing and mixed palletising process.

Thanks to this partnership signed last year, Clevertech is now able to offer its customers, multinational manufacturers from all commodity sectors, the possibility of mixed palletising.

This innovation has the potential to redefine the world of distribution: currently, consumer goods manufacturers use logistics distribution centres to create mixed pallets, which are then sent to supermarkets and mass retailers. 

With the technology developed by WSR Solutions and applied to Clevertech’s end-of-line systems, manufacturers will be able to ship pallets containing different products to retail outlets themselves: mixed palletisation allows up to 125 different SKUs to be included on a single pallet. This will allow manufacturers to skip a step in the current supply chain, resulting in a repositioning of products in the consumer-oriented market and increased margins for manufacturers.

Stands: 5/A M151

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