Beumer revolutionises industrial hooding

Beumer Group specialises in providing intralogistics solutions to a wide range of markets and customers. Anne Mourlevat, Sales Manager at Beumer, speaks to ALL4PACK ahead of the next edition

With more than 5,400 employees in over 70 countries, the German manufacturer offers intralogistics solutions for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sorting and baggage handling and is a regular at ALL4PACK Emballage Paris, which will be held from 4 to 7 November 2024 in the French capital.

The Beumer Group is eagerly awaiting this edition, “as much for the networking opportunities that this professional gathering offers as for the revolution that it intends to bring about”, Anne Mourlevat, Sales Manager, comments.

The Stretch Hood A, an innovation by Beumer

Next year, the group intends to introduce one of its latest innovations with the Stretch Hood A.

“Our industrial hooder combines both power and compactness,” Ms Mourlevat says.

“This is a very valuable compromise for those who use our equipment to develop both their productivity and the efficiency of their processes.”

With a footprint of only 13.7 m² and a brand new innovative film transport system, this state-of-the-art packaging equipment guarantees fast and efficient wrapping of all palletised products presented to it, up to a maximum height of 2,200 mm.

In addition, the system offers the possibility of safe and quick tool changes directly at man’s height; optimised movement sequences increase the availability of the equipment by reducing the downtime required for film roll changes or maintenance. In addition, the robust, waterproof film and the high level of stability of the pallets packed in this way guarantee outstanding performance for both indoor and outdoor storage.

The best in eco-responsible efficiency

Ms Mourlevat explains: “The whole system works on the basis of energy-saving technology, and air cooling of the film sealing point is not necessary: it is these extremely low operating costs that set our machine apart from the rest of our competitors.

“The Stretch Hood A is just a sample of the many eco-responsible range projects that the Beumer Group intends to develop in the coming years, and which we will be pleased to present at the next edition of the fair”.

The film forms a cover which, when lowered, will enclose the pallet.

The Stretch Hood A allows maximum stability of palletised loads due to the combination of vertical and horizontal film contraction forces exerted by the machine, and is also very environmentally friendly.

“Our packaging process uses no heat and very little energy, while minimising the risk of fire”, Ms Mourlevat says.

“Only the exact amount of film required is used in a single layer”, the sales manager adds. This is calculated in advance using a patented ultrasonic system, which reduces the amount of plastic film wasted during the filming process to a minimum.

“The Beumer Stretch Hood A is also designed to be ergonomic in its handling and use by operators”, concludes Ms Mourlevat. Indeed, the automatic recognition of pallet dimensions, as well as the precise selection of the film format, constitute a precious assistance for the operators, by greatly facilitating the handling of the pallets to be hooded.

The system can also be operated easily and intuitively via its integrated touch control terminal, as well as the many tutorials and videos explaining the more technical functions of the Stretch Hood A.

Video presentation of the Beumer A Stretch Hood.

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