Atlanta Stretch brought a wind of change to ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022

Atlanta Stretch welcomed visitors to ALL4PACK Emballage Paris with an impressive stand.

The company, which specialises in the design, construction and sale of automatic and semi-automatic banding machines, presented its latest innovations during the four days of the exhibition. Marketing and Communication Manager Costanza Cecchi spoke about the innovations presented.

The leader in automatic and semi-automatic wrapping and filming solutions was present at Villepinte from 21 to 24 November for the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris 2022 exhibition.

It marked the perfect opportunity for the Italian company to introduce its latest innovations and solutions to the public, in particular the Arya technology.

Costanza Cecchi, Marketing and Communication Manager at Atlanta Stretch

Arya, a breath of fresh air

Atlanta Stretch presented at the show its brand new automatic banding system, introduced under the name “Arya”. One of the first appearances of this innovative technology, it offers a whole new aspect to pallet wrapping in its operation, in addition to democratising automation by making it accessible to all types of companies.

It’s just an optional feature on our machines,” says Costanza Cecchi. It represents a real revolution in itself, because from now on there is no longer any need for an operator to hang or cut the film, which saves precious time, while ensuring optimum film quality.

The concept is simple… A blower is integrated into the wrapping device and applies the film to the surface to be packaged, which is then wrapped around the pallet by rotating the device around the axis of the pallet. It works with all types of palletising materials, including those selected for their durability.

This new fully automated palletising concept is activated by remote control, which drastically reduces the RSI typically associated with the arduous task of pallet wrapping, as well as saving substantial time.

Atlanta Stretch showcased the Arya system at All4Pack

Atlanta Stretch decided to showcase its Arya technology during the four-day show, presenting the option fitted to the latest models designed and manufactured by its factories.

The Arya system saves 25 seconds per pallet,” says Costanza Cecchi. It fits both automatic and semi-automatic systems produced by Atlanta Stretch. We really wanted to demonstrate this concept at the show, because it changes the very meaning of the word semi-automatic: now the banding action can be done completely automatically.”

The Mytho S model

The company presented various models of semi-automatic wrapping machines equipped with the new device: among the models on display were the Libra, a robust and reliable machine with a rotating arm for wrapping palletised loads in stretch film in a small footprint, with maximum efficiency, and the Mytho S, the top model in its series of semi-automatic wrapping machines with a rotating table.

Also on display was the Neos, a small, self-propelled wrapping robot that is highly innovative in its approach: the device can be easily moved to various work environments and is powered by a 120A battery. With the lowest film consumption and highest operational reliability in the wrapping machine market, the Neos is also intuitive, with a new operator interface displayed on a 7-inch touch screen, which can be programmed quickly and easily installed. 

The Atlanta Stretch exhibitors were able to demonstrate the many features of these machines, while showcasing their renowned Arya system.

The Libra model.

More than positive feedback

We are quite happy with our participation in this exhibition,” says Costanza Cecchi. The visitors seem to be really attracted by our Arya option. The interest stems from the significant time savings promised by Atlanta Stretch but also from the practicality of the technology itself.

Indeed, the ALL4PACK revolution can also be seen in the improvement of packaging conditions, through the use of innovative devices that are increasingly adaptable to different durable materials, guaranteeing as much as possible the laboriousness of the operators’ work, while ensuring optimal packaging.

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