Atlanta Stretch presents new look with launch of semi-automatic wrapping machines EVA and SYNTHESI


For Atlanta Stretch SpA, 2022 marks a new look, with the launch of the EVA and SYNTHESI semi-automatic wrapping machines.

Atlanta Stretch SpA specialises in the design, construction and manufacturing of automatic and semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapping machines. This includes integrating the machines into complex production lines to automate the complete packaging process.

The company was founded by Angelo Forni in 2005. He was also the founding father of various other important packaging companies during the 1980s, all of which are still trading today.

Atlanta Stretch SpA offers a range of patented systems, providing more advanced and economically sound solutions without compromising on quality or technical performance. The innovations which have been introduced make the company’s stretch wrapping machines even easier to install and therefore, in less time. Atlanta Stretch has also designed them to take up less space, consequently reducing the costs of installation and integration. All this adds to the company’s ability to generate excellent value for money from overall packaging costs.

Right from the start, the EVA semi-automatic wrapping machine was designed and developed as an entry level model and it continues to be the best choice for small businesses looking to save on the price of machines while still achieving the best wrap on all loads.

Changes made to the EVA semi-automatic model are mainly to do with its turntable, which has been reinforced. This improvement has allowed the company to simplify its unloading process and any repositioning during the machine’s lifetime.

Furthermore, to reduce warehouse costs, Atlanta Stretch has chosen to integrate the TP model exclusively on MYTHO and SYNTHESI models.

SYNTHESI model (Photo: Atlanta Stretch SpA)

Rationalisation of the semi-automatic wrapping machines and the fusion of the SYNTHEX and SYNTHESI

In order to further improve their semi-automatic wrapping machines, Atlanta Stretch decided to merge their Synthex and Synthesi models.

The Synthesi machine is the product of this “rationalisation process”. Consequently, it has been possible to increase the number of added functions available on the machine whilst simultaneously saving on the amount of stretch film purchased.

The advantages of introducing the OPRS carriage

Other important changes to the Synthesi model concern the type of supplied carriages. In addition to the FM (manually adjustable mechanical brake) and FE (electromagnetic brake) models, the Research and Development department has added the OPRS carriage.

Choosing to introduce the OPRS (One Pre Stretch) carriage, not only makes the Synthesi semi-automatic wrapping machine more complete, but represents an important step towards the creation of a film pre-stretch system.

The OPRS carriages are equipped with a fixed motorised pre-stretch system with two anti-cut polyurethane rollers controlled by means of an electronic operator panel with interchangeable ratios, with a range of 150% / 200% / 250%, depending on what customers’ desire

The introduction of the OPRS carriage has also enabled further improvements to the operator panel and number of storable programmes, which increase to 6 when fitted with either the FM or the FE carriages.

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