ALL4PACK Emballage Paris is 4 days of free conferences from November 21 to 24


Under the slogan “Lead the Revolution!”, ALL4PACK Emballage Paris is offering 4 days of free conferences from November 21 to 24, 2022. This is a unique opportunity to come and listen to high-level professionals share their experience and vision, in the face of the challenges facing the packaging industry.

ALL4PACK Emballage Paris‘ conferences will follow an exceptional programme and take place every day from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They will be linked to the sector’s challenges, while helping to understand, analyse, decipher and discuss the packaging revolution – its trends, current and future solutions, as well as regulations and new standards.

A preliminary conference programme has already been published. It includes:

Monday 21 November

  • Opening of the trade show by a renowned political figure
  • The vision of lead companies on current and future challenges
  • Regulations
  • Packaging innovations

Tuesday 22 November

Spotlight on different materials and regulators

  • The environmental impact of packaging
  • A distributors point of view
  • New recycling channels
  • Reusables

ALL4PACK Innovations Awards Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, November the 22nd at 11:45am.

Wednesday 23 November

Experimenting with new models

  • Alternative materials
  • An international vision of packaging
  • Eco-organisms
  • Challenges for packaging machines
  • Eco-designs for packaging

Thursday 24 November

  • Industry 4.0.
  • The challenges of E-commerce
  • Reusable, deposit and bulk, success stories
  • Logistical challenges

In addition to the conferences, ALL4PACK will hold 4 expert meetings every day from 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. These will be debating the following topics in particular:

  • The crisis of materials, what solutions are there?
  • Reusable packaging – a new page of the revolution
  • Two eco-organisms, why and how?
  • The global environmental footprint

Don’t miss these presentations, which will be attended by experts, leading companies in their field, but also innovative startups, as well as the packaging sector’s regulators.

A conference list supported by ALL4PACK partners

The Lead the Revolution! ALL4PACKS Paris conferences are being organised with the support of the following partners, which the show would like to thank:

Carton Ondulé de France, Citéo, CNE, ELIPSO,  Emballages Magazine, Emballage Digest, Fabrice Peltier,  Fédération des Industries du Verre , GEPPIA, Pôle Emballage Bois, SECIMEP, SIAL, SNFBM, Voxlog and of course members of Comité Pack Expert.

The conferences, which are translated into English, are free and open access. See you in September for the complete publication of the programme.

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