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“We’re seeing a new, strong dynamic in the ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS community in the run-up to the 2024 edition of the show.”

Guillaume Schaeffer, Director of ALL4PACK EMBALLAGE PARIS, explains how he and his team are going to stimulate and energize the spirit of innovation at this trade show, Europe's biggest in 2024 for all industries producing and using packaging. What is your assessment of the 2022 ALL4PACK Emballage Paris edition, which returned after the Covid-related interruption?…

TOSA: Spotlight on a committed end-of-line expert

The Italian group, founded more than 40 years ago on the basis of family entrepreneurship, has grown to become a recognised expert in its sector

European Green Deal: Putting an end to wasteful packaging

The European Union is working on a series of proposals that will further control packaging waste and especially its sustainability

Stripfoil deblistering at the cutting edge

Stripfoil Deblistering Technologies' deblistering systems for the pharmaceutical industry offer innovative opportunities for removing blisters from cartons

European Union Green Deal: Ending packaging waste by 2030

The European Union is working on a series of proposals to further control packaging waste and especially its sustainability

ACSR retrofit: as good as new… or better.

ACSR Solutions GmbH joins the movement for the sustainability of industrial goods

Packlight cellucals suitable for all situations

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging for the logistics and e-commerce sectors, Packlight SAS offers a diverse and varied range of cellulose cushioning to suit the many shapes and sizes of packages potentially handled by this sector

Recycling – a strategic pillar of the circular economy

More than just an option, recycling has turned into an ecological must and is set to become a regulatory obligation as we transition towards the circular economy

The new challenges of processing: CSR as a cornerstone of innovation solutions 

Processing, which is constantly adapting, is becoming a driving force for innovation, propelled by the new challenges of CSR

CSR guardian of sustainable processing solutions at heart of ALL4PACK Innovations

Including sustainable solutions has become the number one issue for the packaging and processing industry. No longer a matter of short-term evolution, CSR has reshaped innovation on a more sustainable and eco-responsible basis

Weber Marking Systems creates labelling machine designed for e-commerce

The Legi-Flex 6100 from Weber Marking Systems has been designed and manufactured to meet the ever increasing needs of the logistics and e-commerce markets

Henkel receives certification from the cyclos-HTP Institute for its EPIX technology

Henkel's EPIX technology is certified compatible with the sorting and recycling systems of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway and the UK
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